Dam Daily | pilot

Dam Daily 25/08/2020

Listen back to the pilot of our new weekday morning show, Dam Daily, with a team of presenters driving you local news, chat and music.


In this pilot James Powell (from Waterpistol) and @CathyCentral (BRAM EP) introduce the concept behind Dam Daily, shred’s music and discuss the current hot topics facing Amsterdamers this week and more, including:

  • is it a good idea to move cyclists out of the cycle lanes and into the roads to give pedestrians more space?
  • is it a good or bad thing that Amsterdam may not be a global city on the scale of NYC or London, and should we be happy to be more like Düsseldorf?
  • how do we feel about Amsterdam schools going back and how this might after the number of new coronavirus infections?
  • how to stay updated on the number of new coronavirus infections, by Amsterdam district (seen the news links below)
  • having a dog in Amsterdam
  • sharing locally made podcasts on Broadcast Amsterdam radio, including more about ‘What if we get it right?’ podcast, produced by James and his wife, Tessa.
  • James’ music picks and why he likes them (and a listen to a track off his new album, Hello Planet).

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