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@CathyCentral 08/09/2020

Knap House is the newest creative agency in town and its totally queer! Founder, Matt Carney joins @CathyCentral on the Dam Daily to explain what it means and why it’s needed. (knaphousequeer.com). We also chat about the NextDoor.nl social networking site which has opened up Cathy’s eyes to the hyper-local stories and people in her ‘micro-buurt’ in Oud-West. Plus lots more local news stories and great music.

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Also on the show @CathyCentral shares the current hot topics facing Amsterdamers this week and more, including:

  • a campaign to save the VondelPark open air theatre!
  • and EP update on the radio station and new shows we’re adding this autumn
  • music from the Cobra Kai series, currently a top pick on Netflix in the Netherlands
  • a listen to a few tracks from Dutch band, DI-RECT and a dip into their bio
  • local event, such as the Amsterdam Photo Club summer photo competition and the Best Face Forward Masterclass for stylish boomers.

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