Dam Daily | Ruth, her dog & your local health stories

Ruth Wilson 11/09/2020

Bringing in the end of the week for our new Dam Daily slot we had Ruth back on the station after a much needed summer break. (She’s still setting up her home studio space so you’ll hear she’s a little bit echoey for now, LOLs ?)

Listen back

Listen back to the full radio show, including the brilliant music tracks, on the mixcloud player below:

What’s on the show?

  • welcome to Amsterdam, Arthur, Ruth’s new family member, a rescue dog from eastern Europe
  • the change of lifestyle that comes with owning a dog in Amsterdam
  • Ruth shared some local health stories (her area of expertise, running the patient advocacy initiative, Person Before Patient)
  • music included tracks by Kylie Minogue, The Cure, and one of @CathyCentral‘s most favourite tracks ever.

Local news stories discussed can be found on our Pinterest board here:


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