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@CathyCentral 09/03/2022

Brad Vanstone, part of the Together Ukraine team joined us on the radio to share how they are driving vans and lorries full of much needed supplies to the Polish-Ukraine border. This story, plus more news out of Amsterdam + music picks, for this edition of Dam Daily, with host @CathyCentral.

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Listen back to the 1-hour radio show, including news and music tracks, on the mixcloud player above. The interview with Brad starts about 0:30:00.

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It’s likely the situation will get worse in Ukraine so they also have a plan to transport people away and to a place of refuge. For that they need mini-buses and probably more drivers. Follow the links below to help with financial donations or offering the help/supplies currently needed. 

Update from Together Ukraine (8 March 2022

We’ve teamed up with Red Cross Ukraine to receive up to 6 lorry’s (156 pallets) as of coming Wednesday (March 9) to a warehouse in West Ukraine straight from PostNL’s warehouse in Zaltbommel. All lorry’s have Ukrainian drivers and able to go directly into Ukraine.

Red Cross gave us a list of products and goods they desperately need.

Please reach out to Tom (+31 6 50282976) if you can supply these items in bulk.

Health and care:

– Medicine (first aid kits, blood stopping medicine)

Shelter, household items, and settlements:

– Sleeping mats

– Blankets

– Tents (family size)

– Cooking stoves and sets

Water, sanitation, and hygiene:

– Water

– Chlorine tablets

– Hygienic parcels

– Sanitation and hygiene products

Livelihood and basic care:

– Powerbanks/ chargers

– Canned food

– Thermo clothes

– Army clothes

Let’s see what we as the Netherlands is capable of on such a short notice for the people in Ukraine.


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