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BLESZ 04/02/2021

BLESZ with the super chilled remixes, RnB, a Friendly Song, and local stories – including one about Otto and Hermina Huiswoud, “whose fight for better lives for workers took them from the Harlem Renaissance to postwar Amsterdam.” This is the final instalment of the #BlackArchivesIcons series as told by by Elyzabeth Gorman.

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“Recently, the mural on The Black Archives in Amsterdam was defaced. The images were devastating, in part because of the incredible people the art depicts. More people should know about these heroes – and not just in the Netherlands! To help broadcast their stories, I’ll be posting them every week under #BlackArchivesIcons and telling them Thursday mornings on Broadcast Amsterdam. Read more about it here.”

Elyzabeth Gorman, Badass Tours



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