A waffley Dam Daily with @CathyCentral | 6 Oct

@CathyCentral 06/10/2020

@CathyCentral brought you a waffly solo show with local news stories and buzz, together with some great music.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks, on the mixcloud player below:


Also on the show

  • a lot of waffle, personal mishaps and some EP’s behind the scenes gossip
  • Cathy’s regular roundup of hyperlocal notices from the Nextdoor.nl platform
  • Also the Pick of the Petities c/o Petities.nl
  • local events, such as The Netherlands very own potential Fyre Island happening at Proef Pampus this month? ?
  • music includes Solange, Ritt Momney and a remix our BLESZ would be proud of!


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