Dam Daily w/ BLESZ | 13 July

BLESZ & friends 13/07/2023

In the season’s finale BLESZ is bringing you all the goodies! That means season’s favorites and a lot of brand new tracks. Start your day with a smooth R&B mix that touches base with many genres. And yes there is a Badass moment in history and a final live mix.

BLESZ will be back on September 7th…

Listen back, including music tracks and talk, on the mixcloud player above.


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🎧 2-minute news roundup

As well as Dam Daily radio show and the news clips shared on the station throughout the day, we also produce a 2-minute audio bulletin of local news, produced as a micro-podcast and shared on all podcast platforms, for listening to short news items on demand. Listen back here and/or follow on your preferred podcast platform.

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