Cathy’s 🏆 nom reveal & something fishy at the town hall 🎣

@CathyCentral 04/09/2023

Local food awards, music awards, a fish protest, the latest idea for the RLD and the latest Amsterdam student group to get suspended.

Listen back on the mixcloud player above to this edition of our Dam Daily show. Music playlist below.

🎵 Music included artists up for the annual SENA awards, eg Son Mieux, and some with Amsterdam gigs coming up, including Olivia Dean. Mostly chilled easy pop.

Stories included:

  • Which local food entrepreneur did Cathy nominate for this year’s Van Amsterdamse Bodem Award? (You can hear more on her story, here.)
  • the nachtmeester for Amsterdam proposes a new alternative location for the the Red Light District, not so far from the current one
  • a station update on live shows coming up in the next week or so …
  • a heads up for two gigs in 2024 already
  • more on the Gouden Notekraker music awards from Dutch rights org, SENA
  • approaching info events for newcomers from IN Amsterdam.


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