DeliverZero, live sourdough & more local food stories

Amsterdam Kitchen 28/11/2020

You’re also tired of all the plastic waste in our food deliveries, right? Michael Massa of Ozarka  joined the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show (and podcast) to talk about bringing the DeliverZero concept to Amsterdam and how it works. Chaos reigned as we followed the Amsterdam Cooks’ virtual sourdough workshop live on the show, with a float test, a special bread song for the app group listeners and dough mixing at the mixing desk! Plus more local food stories, more take out and delivery tips for Amsterdam, and good music.

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Also on the show 

  • local delivery reviews | Salmuera delivery via Ubereats (in hour of the late great Diego Maradona) & more
  • setting up a neighbourhood foodbank point (we’ve done it! see here if you want to start one up:
  • fancy restaurants doing DIY Christmas dinners
  • a new completely vegan supermarket coming soon in the Baarsjes neighbourhood
  • super music picks!


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