DJ-Dutch-teacher & more | Dam Daily | 22 Feb

Alexis & Sara 22/02/2021

Alexis hosting two hours of local stories, news + good music. With Sara McCloskey joining for the first hour, and Jan Veering, Dj and Dutch language teacher joined for the second hour to share his music and lots more stories.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks, on the mixcloud player above.

More about Jan Veering

  • Take Dutch classes with Jan’s school – HOLLANDSE MEESTER –
  • Hollandse Meester has some fun extras on the website including  Dutch songs (gap texts) and Dutch sayings:
  • You can find Jan’s music on Spotify or at
  • You can follow him on Instagram @janveering
  • Check out his latest video for Inside feat. Sisca: Shot at NDSM-werf and directed by Wessel Haaxman – featuring Jan’s cousins Berit and Annabelle!

Jan’s Amsterdam Recommendations


Beer Breweries in Amsterdam

Swimming in the Amstel


Favorite horror movies

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