Doing nothing, partial lockdown, awe-walks & more

Margaret & Cathy 14/10/2020

On #DamDaily this week we discuss (and lament) some of the new ‘partial lockdown’ measures announced last night. We also chat to Polish author Olga Mecking about her new book, Niksen: Embracing the Dutch art of Doing Nothing.

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Also on the show

  • Margaret tells us why awe-walks in nature are good for us, and what she noticed on her local awe-walk recently
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020-that tiger!
  • where is Amsterdam’s total Timothy Chalamet lookalike to be found?
  • How expat partners are a wasted highly skilled resource
  • NASA finally provide a toilet for women astronauts at astonishing cost
  • more Amsterdam stories and great music
  • if you have limited time and wish to catch the interview with Olga, you’ll find it at 1 hour 16 mins



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