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Amsterdam Kitchen 20/06/2020

Edu Hernández and Rafa Ramos of the new Farmsterdammers initiative joined the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show this week to talk about what they are doing to help Amsterdam residents to grow their own food, by sharing seedlings, pick-up places and more. They organised their first successful event on 16 May to share seedlings but there’s more to come. Plus lots more local food stories and great music tracks on the show.

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Also covered on the show (links on Pinterest below):

  • Review | Belle Ami bar, bistro and sunny terrace in Oud West
  • Tony’s Chocolonely in the news a lot this week
  • the Vondeltuin is back!
  • what is a heri heri meal and where can you get a free one by local celebrity chef, Joris Bijendijk?

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About our guests

Edu Hernández | Coming from the Catalan countryside from a small-farm family background, Edu studied Environmental Science in Barcelona and has been involved for a long time in community urban gardens and local activist grassroots movements. Edu moved to Amsterdam three years ago and he has been working on different projects such as Greenpeace International and the Knotwilg Organic Farm. Currently he combines the work at PLUK CSA with a part-time position at ASEED developing a coordination role campaigning against industrial agriculture.

Rafa Ramos | Originally from Andalucia, Rafa moved to Amsterdam in 2015. After working several years with the communications team of Friends of the Earth International, he has just set himself up as a freelance web designer, focusing on ethical and sustainable initiatives. Rafa has been practicing urban gardening during the last 15 years and considers himself a long life learner. He loves playing music and also experimenting in the kitchen.

FARMSterdamers | Request to join the FARMsterdamers facebook group here:


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