Fave Dutch employers, last minute outings & more

Julian & Cathy 13/10/2020

Which are the ‘favourite’ employers of the Netherlands and what’s the hot off the press news about the gender disparity of Dutch board rooms?  Julian and @CathyCentral shared some Amsterdam news stories, leaked info on the new corona virus measures (again), and some great music.

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Also on the show

  • we both got out of the city last weekend (while we could), but where?
  • winning a final without any spectators, Cathy reports back from a club that made the best of the coronavirus measures
  • feature on the ‘favourite’ Dutch companies to work for, including a long-awaited improvement in the percentage of women at board level in the Netherlands.
  • the insta account @directiekamers helping us to spot those Dutch board rooms with the least diversity
  • some EP’s behind the scenes news, including a brand new show that’s launched on the station, ‘Give A Dam’, and a few more in the pipeline
  • will we really be able to see Mars in the sky this week, or will it be too cloudy?
  • music includes The White Stripes, Cream and Julian’s top tip, Future Islands, with a track from their third album.



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