Happy Families | summer special #2

@CathyCentral 28/07/2020

A mini-series of tips for families spending the school holidays in Amsterdam this summer, and in this show we also hear from local mom blogger, Tilda Timmers about her journey to publishing ‘This is Post Partum’, how it was driven by her own experiences after the birth of her first child, and the desire to help other mothers going through similar rough times.

Also on the show:

  • Cathy shares her favourite sustainable brand of baby wear for hot weather, and it’s Dutch, and there’s a summer sale on!
  • a great second hand store & clothing exchange with a lovely summer range
  • a matchmaking app for new mums and there’s a growing Amsterdam community on it – join us?
  • an audio taster from @theatre4kids – showing that online drama kids classes can really work
  • ? Music played includes Lana Del Rey, and more.

Listen back

Listen back here to the full, one-hour radio show, including music tracks and chat:

Listen back to just the interview with Tilda Timmers:

Tilda also shares how this led to training and working as a therapist – to improve the support given to new mothers within the Dutch healthcare system.



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