Margaret & Jessika | staying, running, djing

Margaret & Jessika 21/10/2020

In this show, Margaret tries out managing the radio desk for the first time and is joined by guest host for today, Jessika Lynch. We had lots of topics to cover but as conversations went in-depth, we ran out of time! Next time you’re back, Jess…

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks, on the mixcloud player below:

Also on the show

  • Interview with New Yorker Jessika, long term resident of Amsterdam
  • Local Amsterdam initiatives including the ubiquitous Corona sourdough
  • Beginner running tips ( a pandemic is as good a time as any to start! )
  • Mind Yourself: a free reading guide to support our children’s mental health
  • more Amsterdam stories and great music



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