Martin Kohlstedt in Ams

Martin Kohlstedt

A message to BARM RADIO  listeners and an exclusive mix from Martin Kohlstedt ahead of his Concertgebouw gig on 6 April.

Listen back using the Mixcloud player above. Also broadcast on BRAM RADIO as part of our occasional Gig preview series. Tracklist below.




Intro: Origamibiro – Unravelled in Wreathes (Excerpt)

1) Martin Kohlstedt – MOD

2) Leifur James – Wurlitzer

3) Tale of Us – Lies

4) Rival Consoles – Eventually

5) Jon Hopkins – Feel First Life

6) Origamibiro – No More Counterfeit Bliss

7) Martin Kohlstedt – TARLEH (Hannah Epperson Recurrent)

8) Dimlite – Back To The Universe Pt.1

9) quickly, quickly – Swingtheory

10) dumama + kechou – buffering juju

11) Satori Ft. Peia – Mori Shej

12) Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit

13) Shlohmo – Empty Pools

14) Hélène Vogelsinger – Each other’s Roles (An Initiation to Game B OST)

15) Martin Kohlstedt – LUV

Outro: Origamibiro – Unravelled in Wreathes (reversed Excerpt)




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