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MYgration.nl 08/05/2024

The latest podcast takeover on BRAM RADIO is the newly published MYgration series – six wonderful interviews with Ghada, Asia, Max, Zeyep, Shi and Pavel, sharing their very personal stories of coming to the Netherlands to live. 📻 Radio premiere! Wednesday 8 May, 19:00-21:30, with radio reruns up to and including 19 May.

📷  Spot them also on big story boards in the Westerpark in Amsterdam up until 21 May!

In today’s world, immigrants are increasingly facing problems and are often unwelcome, misunderstood and denied a voice.

With this collaboration between the non-profit organisations; Stichting Correspondents of the World, The Haella Fund, Wijdoenmee, and Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam, we want to explore the large spectrum behind the word “migration”, and the personal stories involved.

Our MYgration project shares the personal stories of six local immigrants in various ways:

  • written interviews online, see mygration.nl 🔗
  • a podcast series where we give our subjects the opportunity to share their stories in their own voice – the first interview (Ghada) is in English and the rest are in Dutch
  • an exhibition (photos + story) in Westerpark, Amsterdam from 19 April until 21 May 2024

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🎵 Did you like the music on this podcast? Shout out to Anil aka Celestial Compositions who wrote this short piece and lots more music for film. Check him out on instagram @celestialcompositions.


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