Mystery on Spooky Hill!

Theatre 4 Kids 27/03/2021

A two-part radio play, Mystery on Spooky Hill. A Theatre 4 Kids production.

The broadcast radio version combines the radio drama with short family-friendly music breaks (tracks selected by Broadcast Amsterdam).

Listen back

Listen back to the full radio broadcast of the two-part radio play and a behind the scenes extra, here:


About the play

  • This radio play features children from different schools within Amsterdam ( The British School, The International School of Amsterdam, Amity International and a Dutch School) who were all able to collaborate and produce this audio drama during Covid-19 all thanks to virtual theatre! 
  • An all star cast representing 5 different nationalities which is at the heart of the global learning experience provided at Theatre4Kids.
  • Children have also helped to script the second part of the play and provided a lot of ideas and suggestions for the sound effects.


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