‘The Stones & Brian Jones’, Our Nick Broomfield interview 🎬

Nick Broomfield w/ Ruth W 25/04/2024

The pioneering film director, Nick Broomfield joined us for an interview, as his latest documentary, The Stones and Brian Jones hits Amsterdam cinemas.

Listen back to the full radio version with one or two Stones tracks via the Mixcloud player above.

Show notes

Nick talked about …

  • meeting Brian Jones on a train journey when the Rolling Stones were at their apex of cool
  • rock culture and fame in the 60s and sharing that with younger generations
  • the family dynamics and parental disapproval that affected Jones
  • his filmmaking approach and archive work
  • how he spends his time when he’s in Amsterdam

Thanks to Nick Broomfield for talking with BRAM RADIO. His latest documentary, The Stones and Brian Jones, hits Amsterdam cinemas from 25 April, including: Filmhallen, The Movies, Rialto de Pijp, De Balie, Rialto VU, Melkweg Cinema, and FC Hyena.

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This radio feature is available to listen to On Demand online, and also broadcast on BRAM RADIO in April-May 2024, including the broadcast premiere on Thursday 25 April from 16-17h CET. 

Interview by Ruth Wilson

Produced and edited by Cathy Leung

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