Dam Daily + Praat Nederlands met Me

Sarah T & Cathy 19/05/2021

Who’s pairing up Dutch native speakers and Dutch language language learners to get over the fear factor in speaking Dutch? Who’s getting vaccinated and who hasn’t yet responded to their invites? And do we like the new Paul Weller track? @CathyCentral and Sarah Tekath with music and local news in the first hour, and joined by Praat Nederlands Met Me, founder Frederique Fabels, in the second hour, with lots of new Dutch music to dissect. (More links and the music playlist below.)

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks on the mixcloud player below:


Also on the show

  • the cycling route through the Nieuwmaarkt and Geldersekade is going to be improved
  • the exhibition on Slavery has opened at the Rijksmuseum, you can already check it out online
  • AT5 is looking for ZZPers concerned about the way the KvK shares their data with others, including home addresses
  • great music, form Sam Smith to Jordan MacKampa and more local stories


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