Podcast Platform | week 40 | NEW!

Local podcasters 28/09/2020

The local podcasts featured on Broadcast Amsterdam radio this week are:

Monday @ 19:00

DutchNews Podcasts | Molly Quell and team bring you their take on the week’s news stories in the Netherlands.

For more information and other episodes from this great podcast checkout their website – https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/category/podcast/

Tuesday @ 19:00

Charged | Frederique, Owen & Zach provide us with an insight into how Tech is shaping our world and unpack some of the big new stories in the tech industry. Tonight, we hear their thoughts on the celebrity Twitter hacks and why Twitter refuses to ban US congress members and President Trump, as well as OnePlus. Don’t worry they break everything down for their listeners and try to avoid the usual tech jargon that can often confuse many of us.

If you want to subscribe or find out more about this great podcast checkout their website – https://char.gd

Wednesday @ 19:00

HR Matters | In today’s current climate it is particularly important to remember the value of laughter, especially in the workplace! Join Lisa & Marjolijn with special guest Chris Tabish, Silicon Valley consultant and author of Comediology, who will be discussing how comedy in the workplace can transform our working relationships, and more importantly ourselves!

If you want to subscribe or find out more about this great podcast checkout their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/hrmattersamsterdam

Thursday @ 19:00

What If We Get It Right? | Tessa Wernink, a social innovator and entrepreneur, has partnered with Impossible, an innovation group and home of planet centric design, to bring you the podcast series: What If We Get It Right? Together, we present stories about how to build impact-driven businesses that can and are moving the world in a new direction. Our shared goal is to move the conversation away from why we need to innovate our societies, to showing people how we can innovate them. This week, Tessa interviews Ismail Chaib, who reminds us that money is a social fiction that we can rewrite together!

Hope you enjoy the episodes and if you know of a great social innovation business, please contact them on hello@whatifwegetitright.com

To listen to other great episodes of the show, please visit: https://www.whatifwegetitright.com



If you have your own podcast that you would like to be broadcasted or want to start a radio show please send an email with a proposal to info@broadcastamsterdam.nl

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