RnB + lit Cindy! | Dam Daily 21 Jan

BLESZ 21/01/2021

BLESZ with the super chilled remixes, RnB, a Friendly Song, and local stories, including one told by by Elyzabeth Gorman about Caribbean literature champion, Cindy Kerseborn, another of Amsterdam’s #BlackArchivesIcons.

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Listen back to this shorter than normal one-hour radio show, including music tracks, on the mixcloud player here:

The #BlackArchivesIcons feature comes in about 48:00



“More people should know about these heroes – and not just in the Netherlands! Read more about them here.”

Elyzabeth Gorman, Badass Tours

(Mural portrait by Hedy Tijn & Dewy “Butterfingaz” Elsinga)



This weeks friendly song comes from my friends from Vilnius. Their group is called Afrodelic and they mix poetry with afrobeats & funk. More info about them can be found here .




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