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Cathy 06/02/2021

Plenty of Amsterdamers probably manage to cook at home everyday but does anyone make it look as good and easy as Saffron Pape, author of A Pinch of Saffron food blog? Saffron joined the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show with @CathyCentral in the studio and Geli aka @damkitchens calling in with loads of local food stories. Plus good music (thanks to Saffron for the playlist)) including Fat Freddies Drop, Goldfrapp and more.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show (with music tracks) via the Mixcloud player:

Great to hear some of the stories behind Saffron’s recipes, stuff that doesn’t work out, and how she gets good photos.


Also on the show

  • Reviews | Geli loved the burgers and curry from Bar Bonnie (ahead of Cathy!) and Cathy told us all about a very fine stampot from Kaagman & Kortekaas
  • Saffron the ingredient | thanks to Daniella from Amsterdam Cooks, some of us have a stash of beautiful saffron, and if we can bear to cook with it – what should we make? (Rami already has saffron toffee sorted btw).
  • Chinese New Year | Geli schooled us all on the food symbolisms you can follow at home in Amsterdam this year.
  • Cathy’s ordered some gorgeous-looking heart shaped cakes from @mousse.bakes for Valentines Day! Tasting live on the show next week?
  • and lots more! actually!


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