Sammies Ice Cream Sandwiches – the story so far

Amsterdam Kitchen 06/06/2020

Zoe, founder of Sammies Ice Cream Sandwiches joins the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show to share why she thought Amsterdam needed ice cream sandwiches (spoiler alert – we do!), her flavour choices, the maths and the method, business decisions and challenges along the way. (NB If anyone in Oud West has spare freezer space, let her know!). Plus lots more local food stories and great music tracks.

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Also on the show (links on Pinterest below):

  • Geli booked a spot on a popular Amsterdam terrace  and tells us how it works with corona virus measures
  • in our winkelwagon we had some special bread, bacon and pasteitjes.
  • Cathy had the heads up on a potato mountain at the NSDM wharf

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