Amsterdam, a Super Good Society! 🎙

Michelle Arrazcaeta 28/06/2024

What makes Amsterdam such a great place to start an impact business? Michelle Arrazcaeta joined Cathy on the radio to discuss her view on Amsterdam, its impact ambitions and starting a social transformation studio, Super Good Society. ▶️ Listen back to this audio interview, including guest music picks, on the Mixcloud player below.

There was just a different energy in the city

Michele also talked about …

  • the built-in, sustainable culture of Amsterdam she feels strongly attracted to
  • what it means for the municipality to adopt the doughnut economy model in building a circular, local economy
  • impact driven businesses like the ‘borrowed’ shirt she loves that she picked up from Lena Library, as well as other Amsterdam-based circular fashion businesses like Denim City
  • how Super Good Society helps people and organisations figure out their ‘north star’, and their values, so they know with better clarity where they want to go, and how they want to get there efficiently
  • what coaching and workshops with her are like; one workshop helped individuals to help them re-discover their authentic energy
  • her life in Amsterdam, how she found her almost-Jordaan apartment, learning Dutch, and her favourite local cafe, Loef.

You can check out Super Good Society at and connect with Michelle on Linked in here,

🎵 Music included artists making an impact in one way or another, including Sam Smith and Billie Eilish.

This interview is available On Demand here, and also broadcast on BRAM Radio during summer 2024 (📻 premiere Friday 28 June, 13:00-14:00 CET).


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