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@CathyCentral & Lizzie Garcia 10/10/2020

We may have a new addiction for you, listeners! We got a taste of authentic bara as Aretha Waal of @Surimams joined us on the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show (and podcast). Together with her sisters, Moreen and Martha, their soulful Surimam Cooking aims to safeguard the cuisine of their mother’s native Surinam for the next generations to come. And not just for those here in the Netherlands- it’s a global cuisine, full of fusions as we discover, and there should be an English language translation of their most popular cookbook coming soon. But for now you can listen to this great introduction to the cuisine. Aretha also brought a few more Surinam goodies with her and talked us through her favourite spots for Surinam food in Amsterdam and Utrecht. We also shared lots more local food stories and great music tracks.

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(The interview with Aretha starts around 17:00)

Also on the show (links on Pinterest below):

  • Lizzie Garcia joined us on the show as a co-host for the first time and introduced to the food in her neighbourhood
  • reviews | a ravioli mix up, Lizzie’s accidental visit to a Michelin starred restaurant in Zeedijk, and which branch of Vegan Junk Food doesn’t serve alcohol?
  • local food news | a ferris wheel restaurant for Amsterdam from 13 October, a central spot for Amsterdam’s foodbank and a cheesy eclair anybody?

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