The Surprise Guest on stage!

Camille & guests 19/03/2024

Flirting, awkwardness, extremely dysfunctional couples at dinner 🙀🤣. Cast from The Surprise Guest shared with us why it’s such a great show that they brought it back for Amsterdam this April.

Listen back to the radio show On Demand via the Mixcloud player above.

We had to be reined in sometimes …

We took at bit of creative license with the script

Performance: Thursday 4 April, @ Polanentheater

For more info and tickets see here,

Guests: Brian Ligthart (director), Johann Matthai and ​Britt van Klaveren.

Host: Camille Gribbons. (Amsterdam On Stage radio series, S02E03)


🎵 A few music picks were also played during the show. Playlist here:

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