Swap Your Way to Carbon Zero | GIVE A DAM

Yatou Sallah & Iona Smith 13/11/2020

What does carbon offsetting actually mean? How can the people of Amsterdam access the information needed to reduce their own carbon emissions? And, what tradeoffs exist when it comes to offsetting? On this episode of Give a Dam, Yatou and Iona sit down with Ajay Varaharajan, ecopreneur and CEO of the Amsterdam based company GreenSwapp to address these concerns and learn about how some businesses are indeed providing consumers with the crucial information that allows them to make more sustainable choices in their day to day lives.

Listen back here to the full, one-hour radio show:

Special thanks to Ajay! Check out Green Swapp on the App Store and Google Play store.

Also, roughly calculate you footprint here: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx


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