Ruth, RBG & local heroes

Ruth Wilson 20/09/2020

Getting ready for the week ahead, Ruth was playing some powerful songs, electrifying hit, moving ballards and some rebellious anthems – all written and performed by women.  Celebrating their womanhood and what makes them different, inspiring us to do the same.

Inspired by the life and work of Ruth Baden Ginsburg – aka RBG – who passed away on Friday aged 87. A US Supreme Court Justice, the history making jurist, feminist icon and national treasure.  A life long advocate for gender equality,

Thinking about the hero’s that work amongst us here in Amsterdam, Ruth gave a shout out to those who are working in the community centres and also to the Youth Social Workers …. especially Zak Beacher who is a finalist for the Best Youth Social Worker in the Netherlands. Voting closes on 24th Sept, so make your voice heard.

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