Track Links #1 | Amsterdam

Geli Carney 28/05/2019

Track Links #1 | Amsterdam

How do you link sensitive artist van Gogh with bold, brash New York? Or rustic windmills with the dystopian world of Bladerunner..?  

Welcome to Track Links. A playlist podcast that attempts to beat the algorithms. In this debut program I use my adopted home as a springboard to generate a (mostly) chilled out musical vibe, throwing in a few quirky facts along the way. We begin with a couple of songs to get you into my way of thinking before honouring in song Amsterdam’s most famous artists. Then we experience a peaceful sit-in, before taking a brief detour to New York City. We enter the mysterious world of spies and finally return to Amsterdam for a well-earned rest, stretching out on the grass of the city’s most popular spot for hanging out, Vondelpark. 

I really hope you like the selection of songs as well as the ’bits in-between’. But where to go next with Track Links? Shall we build ‘bridges not walls’ or find what ‘opposites attract’? You can vote for the next theme of my next podcast and/or make your own track suggestions via my Twitter link: @tracklinkstr

With thanks to @BRAM studios, @StellarAmst (co-working space) and especially @CathyCentral.

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  1. Windmills of your mind / Michael Legrand

  2. Wild is the Wind / David Bowie

  3. Port of Amsterdam – Marianne Faithful

  4. Vincent / Don McLean

  5. Primary colours / The Horrors

  6. End of the beginning / The Rembrandts

  7. Ballad of John n Yoko / John Lennon

  8. New Amsterdam / Elvis Costello 

  9. St Vincent / New York

10. The World is Not Enough / Garbage

11. Mata Hari / The Atomic Fireballs

12. Vondelpark / Jake Houlsby

Bedding tracks:

  •  Wait for me / Vangelis
  • California Analog Dream / Vondelpark

And from the rabbit hole (songs that didn’t make the cut): 

  • Amsterdam Grachten / Flairck
  • Duet / Rachael Yamagata 
  • From the Bladerunner soundtrack: Rachel’s Song and Love Theme / Vangelis
  • From the Goldeneye soundtrack: Goldeneye / Tina Turner
  • From Shaken and Stirred Album: Diamonds Are Forever (feat. David McAlmont) / David Arnold
  • Lejla / Hari Mata Hari  
  • Lois Lane / Amsterdammed
  • Perfect Circle Instrumentals / Nugabes
  • Young Modern / Silverchair

(Photo credit: By Eric Koch / Anefo –, CC0,

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