Wander / Wonder | Movement | S01E03

Jamil Fiorino-Habib 27/11/2020

“Wander / Wonder looks to trace the experience of discovering something new, to understand that feeling of curiosity and boundless freedom that washes over you as you drift through new spaces, meeting new people and encountering new sounds and ways of thinking.” –Jamil Fiorino-Habib

Session 3 – Movement

How do we move through sound? How can alternative spaces like clubs and other dance venues serve as a form of liberation? Why do we need club culture as a form of resistance? This episode looks deeper into what clubbing culture might be post-covid, how we can cultivate safe spaces, and why we need club culture to go back to its political roots.

Support POC/LGBTQ+ artists! You can find the KU Leuven x Horst talk on decolonizing the dance floor here.

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About the show

Wander / Wonder will take you on a brief journey through the music that is close to my heart, the music that reminds me of my favourite spaces, places, and people. These are songs that bring me comfort, and discomfort, joy, and sadness. Over the course of this series, genres will appear and disappear along the way, like those close companions you meet in your lifetime.

Together, we will explore some of the music that I’ve encountered and speak to some of the incredible people that I’ve met along the way. Each time, we return to the same question: where do we go from here?



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Other Music Not Available on Spotify:

Galby – Fatima Al Qadiri

In My Room (Vengaboys) – Neana on the Track

Breaking Bonds – Anima

Ultra HD Moon – LazerGazer

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