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MY.DAM.PLAYLIST series | Episode 4  | Robin Uijtdehaage from Mister Mortgage

“Hi I’m Robin from Mister Mortgage. Christmas to me is enjoying time with friends and family and looking back on the year. And the thing that really gets me into the Christmas spirit are the Christmas songs.

So my wife and stepdaughter and I put together a Christmas playlist of about eight and a half hours, which would easily cover a Christmas dinner. And we really like exploring new Christmas songs, such as in this list, Wish It Was Christmas Time by The Hengles. But also the new, old songs like I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, which might be a bit of an oddball in this list … it’s a funny song, it’s turned out to be one of our family favourites which really gets me in the Christmas spirit as well.

So I hope you enjoy My.Dam.Christmas.Playlist. Have lovely holiday season and a happy new year.”

Hear Robin’s Christmas playlist on Broadcast Amsterdam radio station through the holiday period on Broadcast Amsterdam radio station. Listen live here.

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