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MYgration series | 8 May – radio premiere! 19:00 21:30
MYgration series | Sunday 12 May – radio rerun 14:00 16:30
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This series is broadcast on BRAM RADIO during May 2024, and available On Demand online here,  


Welcome to MYgration. Together, we're going to meet several people that, for a variety of reasons, left their own countries and came to the Netherlands. For some this could be an ongoing journey — they could become migrants again — and for some … the Netherlands has become a new home. They will be answering the question,What is MY migration story?” … and we will be listening. 

In today’s world, immigrants are increasingly facing problems and are often unwelcome, misunderstood and denied a voice. With this collaboration between the non-profit organisations; Stichting Correspondents of the World, The Haella Fund, Wijdoenmee, and Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam, we want to explore the large spectrum behind the word “migration”, and the personal stories involved.



Our MYgration project shares the personal stories of six local immigrants in various ways:

  • a podcast series where we give our subjects the opportunity to share their stories in their own voice

  • written interviews online

  • an exhibition (photos + story) in Westerpark, Amsterdam from 19 April until 21 May 2024







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One of the original founders of Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam. Cathy has lived in the city since 2008 and has been involved in local radio and television since 2010. Blog & work portfolio: LinkedIn: Trivia Born: London Music likes: Phoenix, The xx, The Vaccines Nickname: Chatty Cathy

Local journalist and podcaster, presenter on Dam Daily and more.   Sarah also produces the independent podcast, AmsterDames, on amazing women in Amsterdam, see here:  

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