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Sunday 9 January 2022 | 14:00-15:10, we will broadcast the radio drama, Shadows.

The story

After the death of her estranged mother, Anna reluctantly travels back to her place of birth, from which she has long since detached herself completely. However, once there, she soon finds it more and more difficult to distinguish between her own and her mother’s memories and emotions, gradually losing the allegedly firm grounds of her identity. Torn between two men from different cultures and between two women from different generations, she ends up in an undefined and somewhat eerie space between past and present, reality and delusion. Now she has to choose where to draw the outlines of home and identity.

Shadows is a radio play by Hiraeth editorial team member Xenia Bordukowa Pattberg, and was written for and shortlisted in the BBC International Playwriting Competition in 2018. It is based on stories, interviews and materials collected within the Hiraeth project as well as the author’s personal research. Like the Hiraeth project itself, the production of the play is a cross section of the multicultural creative community of Amsterdam, uniting a group of artists from all walks of life.



About the writer/producer


Born into a family of actors, Xenia has been living and breathing theatre and radio performances on and off stage since her early childhood. She started her career as production and directing assistant for various international productions, including the Holland Festival in Amsterdam, and today is writing on a wide range of topics as freelance copywriter, communications specialist and creative. A Third Culture Kid (TCK) herself, she has been living out of the suitcase for years before settling in Amsterdam, where she is now trying to define home for herself as well as for her culturally multi-layered kids. She is an editorial team member and writer for the Hiraeth Magazine. “Shadows” is her first full-length Radio Play.



Cast & collaborators


Ennio Burleson Ennio is the only true Amsterdamer in the project, though well- travelled. He is a singer songwriter who has been writing and composing songs for over 20 years providing him extensive experience in creative writing, performance and curating projects. Together with Evelina Kvartunaite he founded the Burgundy Productions, dedicated to working towards helping individuals and organisations in their creative and professional development. Ennio is an experienced team manager, coach, editor, and event producer, and will take care of the sound design for “Shadows”.

Igor Iwanek (PL-US) Igor is a composer, versatile performer & social innovator. His music, awarded at festivals in Europe, Japan and the USA reflects his multicultural influences: from Bach and Scriabin to sonic experimentation & processes inspired by the seductively moody world of Indian Ragas as well as the high energy of Afro-Cuban dance music. Igor will be writing an original score for “Shadows”.

Pinar Karaslaan (TR-SE-NL) Pinar is a Turkish-Swedish actress and graphic designer. She started her acting career at the age of twelve, and has ever since been working as an actress in Turkey, Sweden and now The Netherlands. With the experience of multiple roles in short films, feature films and international commercials as well as stage productions, Pinar will take on the part of Anna, the leading character in “Shadows”.

David Chislett (ZA-NL) David’s experience with poetry, blogging, acting, performing, band management, TV and documentary production as well as journalism provided him experience, which he shares through speaking, personal training, and interactive workshops, helping people tap into their ability to create and discover new ways of working. He will play the character of David in “Shadows”.

Ilya Brodsky (RUS-US-NL) Ilya is a powerful performer, story teller and city guide in Amsterdam, which he knows inside out. He is at home both in the food and in the film industry, and has worked for movie productions in many a capacity. After having been type-cast in “bad-guy” roles in the past, in “Shadows” he will take on a softer part.

Malgorzata Grochowska (PL-NL) Gosia has always been dreaming about using her voice for audio performances, and Nina in “Shadows” will be her first acting role. Gosia is the co-establisher of the Tamitu-Foundation, dedicated to educational and cultural activities for immigrants, immigrant and mixed families in the NL.


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