Submissions | BROADCAST AMSTERDAM radio

We created Broadcast Amsterdam’s radio station to be a shared resource for the city. We invite all local members of the community to contribute and share stories!


At the moment we are happy to receive and broadcast items about:

  • Local events, especially from the organisers themselves (for our ‘What’s On’ section, up to 3 mins)
  • News from the local community, eg a neighbourhood campaign (for our ‘Dam Daily’ series, up to 3 mins)
  • Film reviews for recent and approaching new film releasing in the Dutch cinemas (as part of our ‘Amsterdam Film Show series, up to 2 mins).
  • Local food stories, eg restaurant reviews, local producers, seasonal tips (as part of our ‘Amsterdam Kitchen‘ series, up to 3 mins).

If you are interested in contributing a lot of content, hosting  a show, have ideas for another series, sharing a podcast, or something more, we should probably meet-up and chat about the options. Why not come along to one of our meetups of The Broadcast Club (various locations)?



We recommend you use the free smartphone app, Ferrite to record and send your submissions.


  • Your smartphone’s inbuilt mic should be OK in a quiet place, but if you want to do more #mojo stuff, then you can also invest in a smartphone mic (and a grip like the Shoulderpod mount).  
  • If you use an add-on mic think about increasing the ‘gain’ dial when recording, to amplify your voice. This may need a bit of experimentation.      
  • Use headphones to listen to the recording as you’re making it.
  • Talk slowly and leave plenty of pauses if you need to.
  • Once you’ve finished recording, first name it using the ‘i’ icon.
  • Edit your recording using the ‘edit’ icon (which creates a new project file for your piece, based on the orignal recording) to edit out anything you don’t want, inserting extra audio and more.
  • Consult the Ferrite manual for guidance on editing. We really like the ‘ripple delete’ action that closes up space when you cut a section. Once you have used the app a few times, the editing actions should become really quick and easy. Just a few taps on the screen. On an iPad is even easier.

If you want a bit of extra help, don’t have a smartphone, or want us to record your story, then you can come along to one of our many meet-ups of The Broadcast Club (various locations). We should have our mobile recording kit with us and can help you out in person.



Once you are happy with your ‘Project’ recording on Ferrite you can use the share icon to send us your content in a number of different ways. We recommend new contributors share their completed ‘project’ file to us at Feel free to add any weblinks/images to your email message, as it’s possible we may be able to share these on our website/social media as well. 

We can also accept submissions via our shared Google drive. For the google drive, our sharable link is:



As long as your submiSsions are of an acceptable audio quality and your story is of value to the local Amsterdam community you should expect your submission to be accepted.

We can add your submissions to the radio station playout pretty quickly, it’s possible within just half an hour, but certainly within two days. If we think it will take any longer, we will let you know.  

We’ll sometimes add a jingle or bumper at the start or end of your audio, and maybe a music ‘bed’. (If you become a regular contributor we can also show you how to do this for yourself.)

Once we’ve added the segment to the station, we’ll let you know.

To listen to your segment on air, you’ll need to listen to the appropriate point in the schedule for your category, eg Dam Daily if you submitted some local news or What’s On information. It’s also possible for us to cue your story for when you are listening (on request).



If you have any questions or need help crafting or sharing your stories, contact us at: or come along to one of our meetups of The Broadcast Club (various locations).


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