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Ifa is a cultural correspondent whose interest lies primarily in music. Born in France from Malagasy parents, she grew up in Martinique, studied in the UK and managed somehow to write a PhD thesis on Damon Albarn. Ifa will be launching a music radio show later in the Spring …

Deena is a producer for Broadcast Amsterdam, and in particular for our new Impact Unpacked radio show, and her own radio mini-series, Rare Food Finds in Amsterdam. Deena’s Surviving the City podcast is availble to listen to here:

We’re always looking for more people to help us make and share local radio, videos and more, in English, for all Amsterdam. Get in touch with us at

One of the original founders of Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam. Cathy has lived in the city since 2008 and has been involved in local radio and television since 2010. LinkedIn: Trivia Born: London Music likes: Phoenix, The xx, The Vaccines Nickname: Chatty Cathy

Local musician, Matt J Brown, has made us several jingles and shared his We Are OK podcast series with us. As the indie music artist, We Are OK, Matt specialises in ambient electronica, but with some poppy electro stuff too.



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